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Meet the
SouthwestValley Republican Women Executive Committee

Beth Joice


Beth is the light and happiness in every room she enters. Beth served our Arizona students as a High School Teacher until she retired. When Beth retired she became actively involved in the political arena. 

Beth has served in a variety of roles within Republican Women's clubs including Programs, Membership, and several Committee Chairs. Beth is a graduate of the Dodie Londen Excellence in Public Service. Beth serves as a Precinct Committeewoman in Legislative District 28. 

Kim Owens

1st Vice President - Programs

As an Arizona native, Kim brings years of political experience and knowledge to the table. Kim has spent her life as an advocate for Conservative Women in the State of Arizona. Kim the Executive Director of the Dodie Londen Excellence in Public Service Series.


Kim serves as an Account Executive for Gordon C. James Public Relations.

Kim Headshot (1).jpeg

Debbie Uptain

2nd Vice President - Membership

Debbie is a Precinct and State Committeewoman in Legislative District 27. Debbie previously served as the 1st Vice Chair of Legislative District 21. Debbie has dedicated countless hours to political campaigns by collecting signatures, making phones, and door-knocking. 

Debbie is a graduate of Christ for the Nations Institute and holds a diploma in Practical Theology. Debbie is a licensed minister. 

Faith Summerson

3rd Vice President - Ways & Means

Faith is a dedicated Republican woman who continues to support and fundraise for local clubs, community organizations, churches, and specialty causes. Faith has been key in fundraising for the Southwest Republican Women with her garage sales. 

Faith has dedicated countless hours to animal rescues. Faith is known for her fostering of cats and dogs until they can be placed with their furever home. 

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Joanne Osborne


The Honorable Joanne Osborne served as an Arizona State Legislator, Goodyear City Councilmember, and Vice Mayor. Joanne serves as the President of the Maricopa County Board of Health. 

Joanne is the Owner and CFO of Osborne Jewelers for 33 years. She is the Founder of the Arizona Teen Leadership Academy.  

Leeanne Hayward


Leeanne is a 3rd generation Arizona Native. She is an outdoor sports lover and an avid reader of political espionage novels. 

Leeanne's hobbies include teaching Bible stores and scriptures to middle schoolers are church, playing strategic card and dice games with family and friends, and traveling to wine tasting and walleye fishing destinations. 


Janet Sargent

Member at Large

Janet grew up in Blackfoot on her family‘s eighty acre farm where she developed multiple skills, attended school, and learned to appreciate a good work ethic. Janet earned her Master's Degree in education. She retired as an elementary teacher.


She joined Republican organizations to be more enlightened and reflective about political platforms. Her focus is on encouraging women and men everywhere to gain an awareness and a realization of the issues that affect us, our states, and our nation.

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